Between being a Realtor, helping where I can with UXC, building a Tacoma brand, “1884 Tacoma”, and connecting with local creatives on a daily basis—I would say that I’m very lucky to have the opportunities that I have. With that said, I am an open book to anyone who is looking to either move to Tacoma, start a new business, meet new people, or just want to grab a coffee and talk life! People are the source for all things GOOD, and so I always encourage for that one on one interaction! I’m here to help anyway I can! And if I can’t, I probably can point you in the direction of who can!


Nicholas Casanova

My name is Nicholas Casanova and this is my bio. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet:

Over the last 10 years I have come to realize that I very much enjoy connecting with people! Learning about their stories, their jobs, their families, and just their lives! I also enjoy being a resource for my friends! Whether they need to know the newest bar in town or they need a referral for a plumber, I got’em. I’ve been a business owner since 2013 when my wife and I took over UXC in Downtown Tacoma. That business will be 15 years old next September—crazy. Now, my wife manages UXC and I stepped away and work full-time as a Realtor with Windermere Abode. Finding homes for people here in Tacoma has become such a natural job for me! I’ve always tried to recruit friends to move here, now I get paid to do it!