Next Chapter....

I recently purchased a new journal. The power of writing out "To-Do" lists every morning is incredible. This blog post wouldn't have happened otherwise...

I recently purchased a new journal. The power of writing out "To-Do" lists every morning is incredible. This blog post wouldn't have happened otherwise...

Wow. Life.

My last post was on October 11th. We talked about "Business & Marriage".  When I say "we", I mean ME, not sure if anyone is reading these, but it's healthy for me to write. I don't necessarily need an audience to speak, sometimes I just need to speak. Today's one of those days. 

"This is my part no body else speak, this is my part no body else speak. This little light of mind GLORY BE TO GOD YEA!" - Chance The Rapper

The last 3 months have been extremely busy.  All of my time and efforts have been focused on UXC.  Which isn't a complaint, I just haven't been able to blog or meet with any local creatives as much as I'd like.  It's funny how we can dive into something super passionate, excited, and eager, but then LIFE comes at you and is like "Hope you had fun! Get back to reality!". What I've learned is, during the last 3 months NOT connecting, NOT writing, NOT saving time for my own personal thoughts, I've been stagnant. Just merely operating. Even though our work life and personal life has been none stop, when I was writing and meeting with people almost every day, something felt right. The stars were aligning and for the first time in a while, I felt I was on course for something different, something new. Working with people, hearing their aspirations, me telling them my struggles and vice versa; I loved it. Getting to know new people brings a joy to my life. Also, diving deeper into the relationships I already have is so incredible. We think we know the people around us because we say "Hi, how's it going?" and they reply with "Good! And you?". But when you sit down for a beer and chat life, business, marriage, sports, etc., you get so much more than just a "I'm good" response. I want to be more helpful to my neighbor. I want to be that guy in the movies where he knows every body and could connect you with everybody. Because if I can't help you, I want to be able to introduce you to someone who can. Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, you're my neighbor.


What's my take from this? Well, I see 2017 being a huge year for my professional career, or whatever you want to call it. "Huge" meaning different, change, new chapter, NON-STAGNANT. Through everything I've experienced in my professional life and personal life, I've been able to generate a wealth of relationships that I am truly blessed to have. Now I think, whatever the next chapter is for me, I want to utilize all of my experience, resources, and relationships to help the friends I have now and the friends I haven't met yet. I feel that all the past chapters in my life have been preparing me for 2017. It's like I've been building an army of relationships, skills, entrepreneurial tactics, problem solving "weapons", etc..  With a week left in 2016, I feel equipped, motivated, confidant, underutilized, and anxious (also 10lbs over-weight). I'm ready to hit the ground running. I'm ready for new challenges. With new challenges, also comes with new failures. However, I appreciate failures for what they are. For me, they are lessons, and with every lesson, I become stronger. So I celebrate my success as much as my failures.

2017...Let's get to work.


Short, but sweet. Does this connect with where you're at maybe? If so, let's get coffee!