It's like my first day of school...

It was last June or July when my wife and I realized that I needed to step away from our business and find other work. For the simple reasons: we need a 2nd income, I was getting crazy bored and felt under utilized, and lastly, Brooke and I CAN'T work together anymore
(I go into more details in my previous posts). With Brooke and I on the same page, thank God, I created this website/blog. I started to essentially brand myself. Not knowing if people would even catch on, I knew it would be a good way to create new conversations. Because at this point, the one thing I did know, was that whatever job it is that I'm "supposed" to be doing, I'm not going to land it merely because of ME. What I mean by that is, with all of my successes in the past, I have so many people to blame! I did not get to where I am today because of "natural talent". I have been molded by the people in my life and by my life experiences. I knew if I'm going to jump into a new challenge, I'm going to need to lean on the people who have always supported me, and even more so, I need to put myself out there and build new relationships. I figured, that if I could meet with people within the Seattle/Tacoma area, tell them my story, and also offer my support in their life, nothing but good could come out of it. I figured I could either sit behind a computer and scour through craigslist jobs for hours until I found something random or I could go out and build new relationships with people and expand my own personal network. And all the while, if I can provide any sort of help, encouragement, resources, advice, etc., then I have succeeded. My idea of networking is "How can I benefit YOU?"...not the other way around. However, I will say, each conversation I have, I learn so much. Not just "entrepreneurial" wise, but just LIFE. I always hope that my contribution to the conversation is a little helpful, because I always walk away so inspired. 

I do have BIG NEWS, but before I get to that I have to say a few things. As I was meeting with people, writing on my blog, giving advice as well as soaking in wisdom; I realized clicked. I love meeting new people, working with them, and using my skill sets and resources to help them however I can. Everyone I have met over the last 7 months have been very vital to my self growth. I have had the pleasure to create new relationships that I never would have had if I was looking for a job on Craigslist. Two people in particular who planted a seed in my head was Ruthy Taylor of Mosiac Home Group, and Chris Sommerville of WFG National Title. Basically, these two successful entrepreneurs challenged me. Whether that was presenting me with the questions "What makes ME so special?", or "What is my WHY?", but also with not settling for what I have and to maximize my opportunities based on the skills that I have acquired. At this point my head was going bonkers and I needed to reach out to my uncle/business mentor, Dan Bennett of Dan Bennett Homes & Re/Max Exclusive (13 years building relationships & selling homes ). 

Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: "Dan, do you think that I should get into the real estate business & do you think I would be good at it?"
Dan: (takes a swig of his beer) Uh yea! I think you would be great at it---and I think you should come work WITH me!"
Me: (jaw dropped--takes big swig of beer) "Seriously?!"
Dan: "Yea! It would be a blast!" 

You have to understand that I went to chat with Dan to get advice, at no point was I thinking he'd suggest something like this. And I have told my wife that if there was a way for me to work with Dan or his wife Debbie, I'd do it in a heartbeat. So when HE suggested this with so much enthusiasm...well, like I said, JAW DROPPED. 

There's more to the story...

You see, back in 2004 Dan got into real estate with his dad, Dave Bennett. Instead of retiring, Dave told Dan to come work with him at John L. Scott and he'll teach him everything he knows and he'll do whatever it takes to make Dan successful in this business. His dad didn't want to bring Dan in to bring his self more business, he solely wanted to look out for Dan's future and wanted to create financial opportunity for him. Basically, he was trying to be a good dad and put some money in his son's pocket. Now, Dan is not only one of the nicest dudes you'll ever meet, but he is also one of the best realtors in the area because he cares so much for his clients. His success no doubt comes from his hard work and dedication, but without his dad mentoring him in the early years, his life would not be what it is today.


Sooooooooo with all that said, I couldn't be more happier to say that Dan is going to show me the ropes of the real estate business just like his dad did for him. I am officially taking classes online and hopefully as of March 1, I will be selling homes with Re/Max Exclusive here in Tacoma! I know it may seem sort of random to some people, but it isn't at all. I love working with people, I love my city, and I want to be able to utilize my skill sets and resources to help the people around me! This allows me to do all of that as well as continue to work for myself essentially. 

I'm back in school. It feels weird to be taking classes again, but surprisingly very interesting. This is a book, opens right to left. #schoolstuff.

I'm back in school. It feels weird to be taking classes again, but surprisingly very interesting. This is a book, opens right to left. #schoolstuff.

I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity: continue to work in the city I love; work with Dan, one of my biggest inspirations; and potentially create a little more financial freedom for Brooke and I. This is a big leap for me and a BIG RISK. I'm super scared and extremely excited. But I am already loving the challenge.

In the end, I'll keep building relationships and I'll just start selling houses on the side ;)


P.S. I can't sell you a home now but Dan Bennett is waiting for your call! Feel free to reach out to him by clicking his name above! Tell him Nick sent ya! 


Nicholas Casanova (soon to be Realtor with Re/Max Exclusive :)