"The Go-Giver"

Book on audio. So good.

Book on audio. So good.

Friends, if you haven't read any of my blog posts, THIS IS THE ONE TO READ. This literally will benefit every single person who reads this. And I'm not saying my words will be life changing, but the message I am relaying is what can be extremely useful in your everyday life. Ok let's dive right in:

The Go-Giver

I recently was recommended to read the book "The Go-Giver", by John David & Bob Burg. I read books on Audible, so I typically go on a run in the morning and throw the book on and just cruise. It's a nice way to start my morning. Basically this book is about how to be successful in business without selling your soul to the devil and how to benefit others along the way. Actually it's main focus is about benefiting others. It's beautiful really. 

Finally got my desk back and operating. It's been nice being able to come into my office and jot down some thoughts.

Finally got my desk back and operating. It's been nice being able to come into my office and jot down some thoughts.

What is a "Go-Giver"?

Well the "Go-Giver" is another take on the "Go-Getter". They both have the same goals: success, financial stability, and quality of life. The only difference is the road they take to get there and the lasting effects they've created. I don't need to describe to you what a "Go-Getter" is, I think you're fully capable of Googling it if you are a little confused. But what is a "Go-Giver"? Essentially, I believe the "Go-Giver" is one who produces success through their own genuine strength in helping others and giving their time, wisdom, honesty, resources, networks, experiences, etc. in hopes that they can be a solid VALUE to their circle of people without focusing on compensation. Don't get me wrong, we all need to be compensated for good service but if money is your main focus, you are going to put a cap on your long term opportunity (read this sentence again...let it soak in). In the book they focus on 5 laws that will contribute to a better business practice. Lets talk about those 5 laws real quick and then I'll give you my take on how it effected me and the way I run my businesses. 

1. Law of Value

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

We all have experienced great service at a coffee shop right? I'm sure you have a certain barista that you always chop it up with. However, there are other employees who work there that you might not connect with as much. Doesn't mean they are bad employees, it just means they are performing to meet expectations. However, YOUR barista greets you by name when you walk in! They have your drink memorized! They ask how work has been going this week! And because of social media they know you were in Mexico a few weeks ago and chat you up about the amazing food there! Now this particular barista is getting paid as much as the other ones, but the amount of VALUE they produce is much greater! Which, an employer will eventually see this and most likely recognize their value and they might be getting a raise soon. DON'T FOCUS ON THE MONEY, FOCUS ON THE VALUE YOU PRODUCE.

2. Law of Compensation

Income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. 

So basically, "your compensation is directly proportional on how many lives you touch" (Go-Getter; John David & Bob Burg). So what they are literally saying, the more people that you sincerely serve and give your time, energy, wisdom, resources, and maybe just a helping hand, based on that number increasing, so does the money in your pocket. However, once again, the main focus and goal has to be sincerely to serve others, not "well I'll serve just because I want the money".  In a world where building up your own platform, portfolio, resume, social status, etc. is held up so high and the higher we rise we feel the more money we are entitled to. These aren't bad techniques, just a different path and maybe more in line with the "Go-Getter". So if you get to a point where you feel that your compensation is not where you want it to be, then get out there and serve more people and serve them WELL. 

3. Law of Influence

Dictates that influence grows when one places a great importance on others needs.

This law made me really think for a little bit. Because at first I read it as: How do I influence people to do what I want. But that is not the direction the book is wanting you to go. But instead, it's saying: Your influence on others will grow or strengthen based on your sincere effort to serve others. In other words, the more people see that you are being generous with your time, money, wisdom, etc., unconsciously their impression of you improves and they may be more willing to work with you in the future. You have influenced them without even meaning to. Once again, not focused on the dollars in my pocket, but how can I serve more people as fast as possible.

4. Law of Authenticity

The most valuable gift to offer is oneself.  

This law is probably my favorite. Only because being myself is something no one else can do. I'm literally the best in the world at being myself. In a world where, via social media, we can be anyone we want to be, authenticity is a rarity. Gary Vaynerchuck said something along the lines of "we should document more rather than 'create'". The more transparent we are, the more we show our scars and our failures along side our victories, the more people will want to listen to you. Its funny how you can sit down and have coffee with someone who you might not know all too well, and if you come out and just spill the beans and tell them all of your failures and struggles and just be honest with them..well you will first see them get a little uncomfortable because being open or authentic with people you don't know is not the norm. But then, that person will start to relate with you. They will see your scars and say "Hey, I have those scars too...", and all of a sudden they see YOU so much more clearer. In business, I'm more willing to work with you if I know your struggles, if I know you've been hustling, if I know that you go to your other part-time job after your done working with me. Tell people your story, you'll be surprised how many people want to hear it. 

5. Law of Receptivity

In order to continue giving effectively, one must stay open to receiving. 

This law is pretty simple. In order to give, someone has to receive, right? It's a cycle and if the other person doesn't fulfill their part, then the cycle will end. So, as you strive to be a good "giver", also strive to be a good "receiver". When you receive a gift or a favor from someone, do not say "Oh no, you didn't have to do that!" or "No thank you save your money!". Instead, say "THANK YOU!!!!" and tell them how much you appreciate the gesture. Your appreciation is just as important as the actual gift itself. They want to know they you are truly thankful for the time and consideration that they put into this specific gift or favor. So the next time someone gifts you something, let them know how truly thankful you are.


Write it down.

Write it down.


I am not the best giver. I struggle sometimes with thinking I can't afford to give. However, I'm learning that GIVING doesn't have to always be a financial burden. And with that, I'm trying to get out there more and be a resource for the people around me. Just a listening ear and be open about my life experiences. I've learned that my business will only grow the more I give up my time for others. Working in real estate, giving your time to your clients is part of the job. However, how can I exceed my expectations? How can I give true value? How can I perform like the barista who makes your vanilla latte with just the right amount of syrup like you like it? As I move forward, I'd love to connect with more people and be a resource for them in the world of real estate but not merely just as their agent, but as a friend. We all know it's much easier to walk down that road with someone you truly trust rather than some random agent that you don't know. 

I'll leave you with this:

GIVING is much easier than we think. Making meaningful decisions to GIVE can change your life as well as someone else's. In the business world you may think this is too "cheesy" of a concept to ever really see a return on investments. However, if you're already thinking about the RETURN, you have missed the point. Give because you can. Serve others, and serve them well. May your actions reflect sincerity and the "return" will be better than you ever could have imagined. 

Thanks for reading.


Nicholas Casanova