My Mission

The Updated Version: 6/29/2017

It's been about 1 year since I made this website and I can truly tell you that I have achieved my goal I set forth for myself at that time. In a nutshell, last June was about the time I decided to branch off from my other business, UXC, and jump into something new. I didn't know what that "something new" was, but I knew it was time. After many conversations, blog posts, coffee dates, and long nights trying to figure things out. I stumbled into the crazy world of real estate! I am now a fully licensed realtor with RE/MAX Exclusive here in Tacoma and I work with my wife's uncle, Dan Bennett, whose been in the industry for almost 14 years.  Now that I have a few sales under my belt, I'm finally getting a hang of this whole realtor thing. But one thing that I've noticed, and I believe will be my "mission", is that however long I do this new gig, I want to do it MY way. I've always believed that I can build my business on genuine relationships. I don't want to be the guy cold calling you while your sitting at dinner, or door knocking while you're enjoying your Saturday with the family. I want to build my business on the mere fact that people like me and want to work with me.  Knowing the ins and outs of this industry is extremely important and of course you want to make sure your agent can guide you through a transaction accordingly. However, I also think you need to LIKE your realtor. So as I move forward, I don't ever want to come off as a salesmen, instead, I want to be more approachable and make my clients feel comfortable and confident that between Dan and myself, they are in good hands. 

When it comes to choosing a realtor to help you buy/sell your home, here's my advise: 

Interview multiple of agents. Take them to grab a coffee or beer. By the end of the conversation, you'll know whether or not if you found your realtor.

Long story short--Let's grab a beer ;)



Nicholas Casanova